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Auto Glass Wholesalers repairs minor stone chipped and cracked windshields without replacing the whole windshield has been our specialty in Azusa, CA for a number of years. One of the best reasons for repairing a stone chipped windshield except for the cost is that the original seal and bond between the glass and the auto body is extremely difficult to duplicate when the windshield has to be replaced. The task auto glass plays as a safety element in your auto has changed significantly over time. Avoiding total replacement by employing windshield repair is the right way to avoid any possible issues. Unfortunately some times the minor stone damage is worse than what our repair process can safely handle and total Windshield Repair is the sole option. It takes special urethane adhesives and primers, and special training in the simplest way to use these adhesives, and correct environmental conditions to duplicate the first factory bond and seal. Auto Glass Wholesalers feels that windshield repair should invariably be your initial choice when ever possible . When windshield repair isn't a safe option our auto glass replacement professionals can replace and revive your windshield or other broken auto glass to like new condition. All our Azusa, CA windshield repair experts are NGA  State Auto Glass certified. Our windshield repair technicians are NWRA Countrywide Windshield Repair Association Licensed. Auto Glass Wholesalers is repetitively researching the newest and best products and techniques available to revive your car to factory new specs. 

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